mercoledì 20 agosto 2008

One Piece, anticipazioni spoiler capitolo 511

mercoledì 20 agosto 2008

Salve Ragassuoli...
Ecco a voi, come ogni mercoledì, le prime anticipazioni del nuovo capitolo di One Piece!!
Come sempre, per ulteriori notizie, aggiornamenti, commenti ed immagini, vi rimandiamo QUI

Chapter 511: Sentoumaru carrying broadaxe

(This is a reference to the Kintarou folklore, which goes Kintarou carrying masakari (broadaxe) )
Coverstory: Lucci beats up the pirate

Finally, Kuma stops moving. Luffy and others looks tired.
Sanji walks up to the fallen Kuma.

Sanji: (PX4.....!?)

Sentoumaru: Man, you guys have really done it.... here we go!!!

Luffy: Who's there!!!

Sentoumaru: Hey hey... you look disgraceful, PX4....!! To make one of you Pacifistas, it costs us 1 battleship worth of berries!!

Man, what am I supposed to report to that Punk guy.

[Sentoumaru, BG (bodyguard?) of Dr. Vegapunk, the Science team leader of Marine HQ]

Luffy and co looks startled. Kuma (PX1)'s attack begins.

Luffy and others run away, they split up to run. (Luffy, Robin, and Chopper team: Zoro, Brook, Usopp team: Sanji, Nami, Franky team)

Kuma appears in front of Sanji's team, and Sentoumaru in front of Luffy's team.

Luffy attacks with Gatling, but Sentoumaru deflects it with a hari-te (palm attack Sumo move).

Around the same time, there's a flash of light where Zoro's team is, and Zoro has fallen.

Kizaru tries to finish off Zoro. Usopp and Brook attacks Kizaru, but their attacks goes through him.

Kizaru: It's no use.... I'm a Light Logia man, of pika pika fruit. (pika is sound of light, light-light fruit)

Robin tries to move the fallen Zoro with her hana hana ability

Kizaru: I won't even let you move him.... It's no use, you're going to die now---!!!

Everyone: Zoro----!!!

Something reflects Kizaru's attack!

Kizaru: ... Is this the time for you to show up? Hades Lord Raleigh....!!!

Raleigh: Don't pluck the young sprouts... Their era is just starting....!!!

Luffy: Old man!!!


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