mercoledì 27 agosto 2008

One Piece, Anticipazioni spoiler capitolo 512

mercoledì 27 agosto 2008

Salve ragazzi!Come sono andate le vacanze?Spero benone ^^
Oggi come di consueto vi porto i primi spoiler del capitolo settimanale.
Per ulteriori conferme ed immagini potete venire QUI

Title: "Zoro, missing (from what I vaguely remember, definitly not exact)"

Kizaru is surprised, Rayleigh's attack causes him to bleed from his cheeks.
Kizaru uses light sword to attack, Rayleigh fights back with a normal sword. He only stops Kizaru.
Kuma and Sentoumaru chases Luffy and others.

Many strawhats goes down due to Kuma's attacks (Sanji and Usopp, carrying Zoro, goes down)
Chopper goes berserk, Sentoumaru is surprised

Usopp is fallen, and Zoro is near death
In front of them appears the real Kuma.

Kuma: Where do you want to go to travel?

Zoro dissapears

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