mercoledì 30 luglio 2008

One Piece, Anticipazioni spoiler chapter 509

mercoledì 30 luglio 2008

Aloha bimbini belli!!
Oggi vi porto le prime anticipazioni dell'attesissimo capitolo 509 di One Piece...
Per ulteriori informazioni, dialoghi ed immagini, vi rimando QUI

Chapter 509 Kizaru vs 4 Captains
Coverstory: Bruno is writing the score (for bowling) and noticed something...
Kuma's attacks Luffy and co aggressivelyThey dodge the attacks at first, then blow him away with combination attack"Mouton JET 600 pound Cannon"

Zoro: If this was the real one, he'd be dodging attacks more often with his teleportation move...Besides, he didn't use shockwaves nor does he have paws...!! Buf if this is a fake one, that poses another problem.It means, there's two of someone as strong as him.

Kuma reappears, destroying the wall. You can see something (his inside?) on him.
Meanwhile... Urouge was starting his retaliation.

Urouge: You've inflicted some damage on me earlier.... but don't think I'm the same as before!"Inga (hetu-phala) Revelation!" (inga - or hetsu-phala, is a buddhism concept)

He rushes Kuma with combo punches, and blows Kuma away.But Kuma retaliates with laser beam.

Urouge: Guwaaa!! It's hot!He falls again.It seems only Drake knows what the Pacifista are.

Kizaru: (to Drake) You better watch out.... rookies... I'm here too, heh....!!!Kuma targets Drake, and attacks, but in that instant... Drake grows larger than even Kuma, and bites his head.

Apoo: The rare "ancient" kind of Zoan fruit...!!! This is the first time I've seen one!You see the shape of a Dinosaur biting Kuma's head. Kuma shoots laser at Drake, and blows him away.

Urouge: Well that's not something you see everyday...Kizaru: ...I believe I said, that I'm here too
Kizaru kicks Urouge on the side of his stomack, and sends him flying.At that moment, Hawkins seems to grow large too, and attacks KizaruKizaru: You and him... all of you over 100million berry are all quite some frightening freaks.Kizaru dodges the attack, and points his fingers in V shape. Blinding light comes out of the fingers.

Hawkins: Owaaa!!! I can't see...!!!

Kizaru: I don't know what your powers are... but you DO have solid body. Doesn't seem to be Logia.You'll be the first (to go down). Congrats on getting this far on your journey...
Kizaru readys to finish Hawkins off, but Apoo starts dancing at that moment.... and Kizaru explodes.

Edit: So Drake really IS a drake.

See ya!!
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