mercoledì 23 luglio 2008

One Piece, Anticipazioni spoiler chapter 508

mercoledì 23 luglio 2008

Ecco i primi spoiler di questo capitolo tanto atteso,continuano i colpi di scena!Immagini e ulteriori conferme potrete trovarle QUI

Chapter 508: The island of Shura (merciless devil)
Coverstory: CP9 are bowling, and having a blast

Start of the episode
The marines surround Capone. Cannons come out of Capone... hmm, I have a feeling I've seen this before....
On top of that, wild rampaging horse comes out of the body too. His body is full of arsenals.

Capone: Like I said... the diffrence in military force...!!!

Around that time, Urouge is fighting Kuma. He's bleeding.
Urouge: I was only worried about the Admiral.... I guess it's not that easy to get past the Marine HQ....!!!

Around that time, Basil Hawkins was fortune telling in front of Kizaru.
Basil: Probability of losing the battle....100%, Chance of fleeing....12%, Chance of dodging.... 76%....
Kizaru: Hey, do you have time? I'm looking for a man named Sentoumaru
Basil: Survival chance of death.....0%!! I don't know such man. Ask someone else
Kizaru: Well, if I can't find him.... That leaves me very, very bored
And to find a bounty head like this at time like this, there's no way I'd let you go, Basil Hawkins...!!
Speed is....weight. Have you ever been kicked at the speed of light?

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Charles Newgate ha detto... preannuncia un capitolone...Sono contento che One Piece sia ancora avvincente dopo più di 500 capitoli ^_^

Gear 2nd ha detto...

Capitolone è dire poco *___* cmq si,x fortuna ke ancora stupisce così!

sommobuta ha detto...

avvince avvince... :P